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  • Business owners apathy at dangerous levels

    According to NAID,many senior executives still fail to recognise that information security is crucial to their company’s survival and less than one in ten sees poor data security as the greatest risk to their business, according to an NTT Com Security survey released this week.

    Aiming to gauge the importance of security at the senior business level, the company surveyed 800 non-IT senior business decision-makers in Australia and 7 other countries.

    The global Risk:Value report found that while 63 percent expect to suffer a data-security breach at some point, just 9 percent of Australian executives see ‘poor data security’ as the greatest risk to their business.

    Executives tended to see bigger risks from conventional business issues such as competitors taking market share, lack of employee skills and decreasing profits.

    And while 59 percent said that a security breach would cause minimal long-term damage, 60 percent believed that their organisation would suffer reputational damage in the event of a breach and 56 percent believed such an event would affect customer confidence in the company.

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