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    Shred Easy Pty Ltd is proudly a member of the National Association of Information Destruction
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    Domestic Shredding Services

    Make sure you, your family, and your business is protected from identity fraud – have your personal documents, financial statements, family information and business papers securely destroyed to ensure your future is safe.

    We all generate paperwork that attracts identity thieves, paperwork containing information about where we live, where we bank, where we work, and even where we shop. This sort of information can be rebuilt into an identity, the theft of which can devastate your life and security.

    It only takes 2 pieces of personal information: bills, bank statements, even council rates notices.

    Don’t let it happen.
    ShredEasy can help you with either onsite or offsite shredding services that make it easy to protect you, your family and your business.

    Protect your family from identity fraud

    If you are concerned that leaking personal information could put you at risk, then engage ShredEasy to supply a domestic shredding service to give you real peace of mind.

    Stop your private and secure information falling into the wrong hands – protect your sensitive data by having it securely destroyed.

    Onsite and offsite shredding services

    You can trust us to dispose safely of your unwanted papers and materials, either onsite with our mobile shredding service, or offsite at our secure shredding location. We make it easy for you.

    Shredding containers

    Don’t know how to manage your secure documentation waste items? We can provide you with a range of containers to make it easy.

    Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your home shredding.


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