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    Shred Easy Pty Ltd is proudly a member of the National Association of Information Destruction
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    Shredding your secure documentation is one thing, protecting the environment is another, right?
    Wrong.  When you engage ShredEasy for your confidential documentation destruction, you are not only protecting your business and identity, you are also looking after the environment. As part of our regular process, all shredded material is taken to a recycling plant for the creation of future products.

    So while you are creating more space in your workplace, saving your business time and money, you are also looking after the planet. Nice one.


    Our onsite and offsite office recycling services makes sure that all shredded paper is fully recycled. This means that after shredding, the paper is turned back into pulp, for use in recycled paper products. If you are interested in making sure that your paper shredding material is recycled properly, why not set up a regular or one-off collection, and we will do it for you.

    As a member of NAID ANZ, we ensure that our processes meet best practice standards for waste management.


    What about uniforms? Well, all the shredded material from your old or un-used uniforms is also recycled and put to good use. This way you can be confident that your shredded waste matter is securely managed, and is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.


    Landfill waste is a growing problem. Technology is developing rapidly, and the number of old computers, old hard drives, unused usb sticks, tablets and mobile phones that are no longer required is exploding. Just tossing them in the rubbish is dangerous, because anyone can access the information on them, even if you think you have deleted your files. ShredEasy’s technology destruction service is the perfect solution, and after your hardware is completely destroyed, all materials are recycled.

    ShredEasy is completely committed to supporting the environment through a responsible and secure process.  When you engage us for your secure document destruction requirements, you can be entirely confident that your information is securely eradicated, without damaging the planet. We are members of the National Association of Information Destruction, and our team of experts keeps our operations up to date on all the best practices and legislation around both data protection and environmental protection.

    To find out what our office recycling services can do for your company, get in touch today.

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