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Mobile/Onsite Document Shredding Service

Fast and Convenient

Our purpose built mobile shredding truck takes paper shredding to a new level. Imagine a secure paper shredding service that can destroy more than 2000kgs of material per hour. This is so much faster than having a person manually process paper shredding through a small shredder.

How does it work?

Our ShredEasy professional will load your documents into one of our secure paper shredding bins. The truck will automatically lift that bin and tip the contents into our truck. As the documents fall from the bin they must pass through our cross cut shredding blades. This process destroys your confidential documentation there and then.


Peace of mind is yours when you witness our secure paper shredding service first hand. Purpose built for the job our trucks even have an external monitor to allow you to witness the destruction. You don’t have to hand over your valuable and confidential documents to a driver who takes them away to another site, because you can see it all destroyed before your eyes. All of this performed at your location.

Your shredded paper is recycled

By using the ShredEasy Onsite Paper Shredding service, you are helping the environment. Once we have completed shredding your documentation, the end result is sent off to the paper mill for reprocessing and recycling, and you haven’t even had to leave the office.

No Mess, No Fuss, No Penalty Rates

Our uniformed and security checked staff are always professional throughout the entire secure document shredding process, and following completion of the paper shredding, will issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records, and peace of mind.

Want more?

The shredding blades in our purpose built truck are designed for much more than just a paper shredding service. We offer everything from a one-off shredding service or cleanout, right through to a regular shredding service, hard drive destruction and Uniform destruction. Small jobs and large, we undertake them all.

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