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    Your companies uniforms are an immediate method of identification for your business, and for your staff members. Having old uniforms hanging around offers an easy way for a criminal to impersonate your staff members, leaving you open to fraud and corporate identity theft. It is vital that you have old uniforms securely destroyed, so this worry can be eradicated.

    Whether you have updated your company’s uniform style or have a past employee uniform, or just have unusable workwear, you can have complete confidence that ShredEasy will collect and shred these items in the most efficient and safe manner.

    The ‘Utilities’ sector is an industry segment for which uniform destruction is very important – especially when thinking about the number of staff that visit homes directly to sell or service, for example, electricity, gas and data businesses. Businesses in this industry are far better being safe, than sorry.

    Your business may require this service as a regular collection, or you may just have a backlog of uniforms that need to be dealt with – call us to find out what is best for your situation.


    Secure Clothing Disposal

    Regardless of whether it is a one off, or a regular collection, your office or storage area will become more manageable as you eliminate old or unwanted uniforms. ShredEasy ensures that any security information, such as badges, logos or anything that identifies your business or staff is thoroughly destroyed.

    Don’t risk old corporate clothing being used for unauthorised access to your business premises, to restricted areas of your operation, or to damage your professional reputation.
    Uniform destruction is particularly important for the armed forces, police force, and other entities that rely on uniforms for their identity.

    Environmentally Friendly Textile Recycling

    While security is important, so is the environment. Once we have shredded and destroyed your uniforms and old workwear, they are recycled where possible, rather than send them to landfill.

    ShredEasy assists you to run your business securely and safely. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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