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    Shred Easy Pty Ltd is proudly a member of the National Association of Information Destruction
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    Are you a Not For Profit Organisation?

    When it comes to privacy, and keeping information secure, non-profit organisations face a unique set of challenges.

    Your organisation relies on grants, donations, volunteers and community support so you can look after those who need you the most.

    Non-profits have access to financial records, tax forms, grant applications, employment records and more – all of which house a considerable amount of private and sensitive personal or business information.

    You owe it to your team to make sure this data is protected, and once finished with, securely disposed of and destroyed.


    Additionally, you have a legal obligation to securely destroy personal details at the appropriate time, or risk not being compliant. Because, whether we like it or not, all organisations generate paper or other materials which, if delivered to the wrong hands, can cause harm and damage.

    We regularly work with non-profit organisations who need a shredding supplier that they can trust implicitly. We supply a Certificate of Destruction to our clients, to ensure no data or paper is left – that’s peace of mind.

    If you are looking for someone to take this burden, just get in touch.


    Shredding Specialists for the Not For Profit Industry

    ShredEasy specialises in the area of Not For Profit entities, and makes staying compliant as easy as possible for you.

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    About ShredEasy

    ShredEasy provides much, much more than just paper shredding. We are confident that our wide range of services will include a destruction solution that is right for you.

    We can securely guarantee:

    — Paper Shredding
    — Hard drive destruction
    — Mobile phone destruction
    — Uniform destruction and recycling
    — IT destruction and recycling
    — Product destruction
    — Data destruction

    Our services include:

    — On-site shredding
    — Off-site shredding
    — Security wheelie bin containers
    — Regular collections
    — One-off clearances

    ShredEasy is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction, the world’s leading group for data destruction service companies, and as NAID members, we are committed to the highest standards and ethics in shredding and destruction.

    We are currently working towards ISO 9001 accreditation for our quality management, and ISO 14001 accreditation for our environmental management.

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