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    Shred Easy Pty Ltd is proudly a member of the National Association of Information Destruction
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    When you delete data from your business computers, hard drives, external drives, it’s gone, right? Wrong.

    Data and files remain accessible until either overwritten by specific software, or the computer or housing they were kept on is physically destroyed.

    The team at ShredEasy are experienced in secure data and digital media disposal, ensuring accurate recording of serial numbers no matter if you would like them destroyed onsite or offsite.

    Digital Media and Data Destruction

    Did you know that your confidential information stored on computers, hard drives, external drives, USBs and CDs is now a primary target for media theft?

    Did you know that just erasing or deleting files and data does not protect your from identity theft?

    Have your computer hardware and digital data securely eradicated and destroyed, and protect your business ideas and identity.
    Failure to dispose of your digital data properly can not only leave you and your business vulnerable, but could lead to breaches of data-protection and compliance policies.

    Protect your Intellectual Property

    Have full assurance that your intellectual property is not vulnerable through old computer hardware being accessed by unauthorised personnel.

    ShredEasy offers both onsite and offsite digital media shredding services and hard drive computer destruction. Deal with it conveniently and efficiently with their purpose built and secure mobile shredder at your premises, or have us take it to our secure premises.

    As standard procedure for the highest level of secure data eradiation, ShredEasy issues a Certificate of Destruction before sending shredded hard drives for destruction.

    Media Destruction

    Don’t forget that storage devices such as tapes, CD’s, memory sticks or USBs are all designed to hold confidential data, and therefor should be considered for data destruction and shredding.

    Even x-rays are confidential!

    Once all digital data is destroyed, all materials are recycled where possible, to avoid adding to landfill.

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